Sophos download

We are currently migrating schools to Sophos Central. If you have not already started to move, please get in touch as the old Sophos licences expire in October 2018.

If you need to use the old Sophos software until this time, please email us from a school email address and we will provide you with the details to download it. The software available is listed below.

********* Terms & Conditions *********

By downloading any part of Sophos from this site you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • Sophos Standalone & Enterprise Console is only to be used within the school capacity, and is not licensed for private use
  • You may install Sophos Standalone or Enterprise Console on any machine that belongs to your school only
  • By breaking theses Terms & Conditions you may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
  • By using Sophos you also agree to their licence agreement which can be found here:

Sophos Standalone
Standalone 10.6 For Windows (XP – 10)
Standalone V9.5 For Apple Mac OSX 10.8 – 10.12

Sophos Enterprise Console
Enterprise Console V5.4.1

Sophos Anti – Root Kit

Sophos Removal