Email advice

Although Office 365 provides a high level of mail filtering, users need to be aware that spam, ‘phishing’ emails, ransomware and viruses can still get through.

The people that create these malicious emails are constantly working on new ways to bypass mail filters, so users should always be cautious when clicking links and opening files from an unknown source or when they are not expecting the email.

If any of our subscribing schools have concerns about an email, before clicking a link or opening a file, contact the person directly, speak with your IT support or contact us to look in to it further.

June 2018
We saw the start of a phishing email scam which involved at least 10 schools and over 20 users. When an account was compromised, a new email was sent from the compromised account to all of the users contacts. As the email appears genuine and came from a known contact, people believed the email was most likely genuine and trusted it. This then led to more accounts being compromised and more phishing emails being sent out.

Compromised accounts had all emails deleted and forwarding applied to the account, so they no longer received emails and the emails were instead forwarded on to an unauthorised account.

If you are ever unsure, please speak with your IT support or contact us.